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Hangzhou Joyui Auto Parts Co.,Ltd registered on 2012 in charge of coordinating and exporting all products from our group in China. Our predominance is to have resources conformity and supply excellent service to various of customers.

T&J Driveline International CO. , LTD. is one of the leading manufacturers and traders of the driveline parts in China. We have been specialized in the automotive industry for more than ten years. Our leading products include wheel hubs, center support bearings, universal joints,drive shaft, driveline components, C.V. joints, engine bearing, etc, which are mainly exported to Europe, USA, South America and Middle East. With the rapid growing of our business in the world market, so far we have established following factories invested by our Group company.

Driveline components Factory. It has a strong R&D team which enables us to develop any new parts according to customer's requirements and it manufactures a big variety of driveline parts with more 5000 items for different cars, consisting of Drive shaft, Center yoke, Companion flange,Coupling,End yoke, Flange yoke, Slip yoke, Stub shaft, Weld yoke, etc.

Wheel hubs Factory. It has a strong capability of research and development as well as perfect production management system which guarantees our good quality and timely delivery. Its production capacity reaches up to 20,000 sets per month.

Center Bearing Factory. It specializes in manufacturing bearings and related repair kits mainly for European and US trucks. In order to increase our business in the market, we will continuously develop new items so as to meet customer's different demands.

C.V. joint Factory. Under the request of our customers, we just set up our C.V. joint factory last year. We are confident that we will be able to provide our customers with good quality, rapid new products development as well as timely delivery. We are looking forward to establishing a long term business relationship with the customers al l around the world.

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